Tasting note: Glenmorangie Spìos

Glenmorangie Spìos

The Glenmorangie Spìos has divided whisky lovers since its release. It’s not your typical “Glenmo”, so let’s check it out!

Tasting note:

Colour: Amber

Nose: Interesting start with fir needles, herbs and floral notes, liquorice and mint. Sweeter after the first sip, with vanilla and roasted almonds.

Taste: Warming caramel sweetness at first, but it quickly gets more spicy with cinnamon and even pepper.

Finish: Long-lasting fresh mint and toffee.

Comments: I quite like this whisky. It’s more spicy than expected but well-balanced with sweeter notes. The Spìos benefits from letting it breath a little while before drinking.

Rating: I rated this whisky 85 out of 100.
(Nose 22, Taste 21, Finish 21, Balance 21)

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